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The marketing plan templates


You start your marketing plan document by entering the general company data. This page gives a first impression of the company and its general goals. The management of the company defines the business idea of the enterprise and its strategies, with objectives and plans for implementation. These are then put together into a marketing plan, for information for the shareholders and employees or for bankers, to raise capital for implementation of the plan.

The marketing plan includes three document templates that can be used as preferred:

marketing_plan_short.doc - for a quick short version
marketing_plan_minlinks.doc - for a comprehensive plan with tables and only a few links to the workbook(s)
marketing_plan_maxlinks.doc - for a comprehensive plan with only a few tables and many links to the workbook(s)

PlanMagic Marketing Plan Template

Table of Contents (automated)

- Business description
- Business formation
- Directors
- Management team

Executive summary
- Business goals/mission
- Business philosophies/identity
- Location
- Geographical markets
- Vision of the future
- Funds required
- Overview

The main influences
- Internal factors
- Internal organization
- The external factors

- The product mix
- SWOT analysis
- Suppliers
- Geographic markets
- The market potential
- Competitors
- Pricing mix
- Distribution & service
- Operations
- Marketing personnel
- Market research
- Marketing goals & strategies
- Sales estimates
- Advertising & promotion

marketing plan

The marketing budget
- The marketing budget
- Statistical data (ratios)
- Marketing ratios
- Evaluation & progress control
- Variations & corrections

Risk management
- General view
- Internet related risks
- Exit strategy

Review of the marketing plan
- Problems
- Necessary changes
- The activities time table